Monday, August 30, 2010

Awards for Thoki and Lor!

Alright, a while back, Part 2. (Dwindled) of Thoki & Lor won @aweeadventures The June Roundup for "Charming Short Story of the Month!" I don't think I got a chance to publicly thank him yet, so thanks, David!

Just this week, Thoki & Lor received their second award! This one was from Tessa's Blurb . Super-duper thanks, Tessa! And thanks for ROLF'ing! 

I just want to say how pleased as punch I am for these awards!
Alright, time to pay it forward!

I am recognizing the following people for above and beyond the cause of Awesome.

1. Future Nostalgic : For The UCF stories and for undertaking leadership of The Great Chocolate Conspiracy!

2. Mari's Randomities For all her awesome work in the Flash Community and for the Zombie Anthology

3. Techtigger's Soapbox I LOVE Nox & Grimm. And for her super work on The Penny Dreadful Online

And of course: I HAVE to award,

4. As the Moon Climbs  and  5. Good To Begin Well, Better to End Well

Without Valerie and Amalia, I wouldn't have remembered Thoki and Lor from all those years ago. It all came up in a conversation about Norse Gods and the idea to write Part 1 came from that conversation. Thanks, ladies. : D

Again, thanks for the love and support from all of you. You've all made me a stronger writer and a stronger person.

~Monica Marier


Amalia T. said...

Thanks Monica! And Congratulations on the awards!! Thoki and Lor deserve it! They're both colorful and fabulously entertaining!

Mari said...

Wow, thanks Mon! And congrats on your blog awards so early in this blog's history. Cool!

Also congrats to Sam, Angie, Valerie and Amalia. You guys certainly deserve this one. :)

p.s: I'm desperately trying to follow Thoki and Lor but google doesn't seem to want to cooperate. Will do it as soon as the thing lets me, ok? ;)

Valerie said...

Thank you so much and congratulations! Good to be in such great company. Glad Thoki and Lor have their own home now. :-)